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Short Bio: Richard Berman is the executive director and founder of several big-industry-funded front organizations and dozens of related projects. Berman sets up and runs these organizations via his consulting firm, Berman and Company.

A longtime restaurant industry insider and a former labor lawyer for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Berman struck out on his own in the mid1980s. In the early 1990s, Berman set up two of his flagship organizations, the American Beverage Institute and the Employment Policies Institute. In 1995, he used Phillip Morris seed money to start the Guest Choice Network, which he used to fight smoking bans in restaurants. GCN became the Center for Consumer Freedom in 2001 and Berman added the Center for Union Facts and the Enterprise Freedom Action Committee to his stable of non-profits in 2006 and 2007.

Berman represents the interests of the food and beverage industry, the anti-union lobby, the tanning industry, and businesses that oppose raising the minimum wage. Berman attended undergrad at Transylvania University and earned his law degree from The College of William & Mary.


Berman and Company President
Mecuryfacts Executive Director
Interlock Facts Executive Director
Center for Consumer Freedom Executive Director
Employment Policies Institute Executive Director
CSPIscam Executive Director
Center for Consumer Freedom Executive Director
American Beverage Institute Executive Director Executive Director
Activist Cash Executive Director
SunLightScam Executive Director
TeacherUnionFacts Executive Director
The Center for Union Facts Executive Director
The Employee Freedom Action Committee Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director
Rotten Acorn Executive Director
Employment Policies Institute General Counsel

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Experts: Nothing Charitable About Berman's Front Groups

Charity Navigator, an independent authority on charitable giving, has issued donor advisories against five Berman front groups:

The advisories note that, unlike most charities, Berman’s groups funnel significant amounts of their funds to a single company, Berman’s for-profit Berman and Company, Inc.